Reading the Samsung S21 User Manual is Simple but the Benefits are Worthy

samsung s21 user manual

Do you get difficulty to operate your Samsung Galaxy S21? Absolutely, it does not need to happen in case you willing to open the guidebook. The guidebook, manual, or user guide always exists in the box. Nevertheless, the people never open it because they do not like reading. Besides that, they regard that learn from the device is enough. However, that consideration should be corrected as soon as possible. The Samsung S21 user manual will add your insight or tell you some information that you never expect before. Roughly, what will you find from the user guide?

samsung s21 user manual

Learn Easier with the Samsung S21 user manual PDF

There are many things inside of the Samsung Galaxy S21 user guide for senior such as:

  1. Feature

The book explains the specific features becoming the new icon on the device. Such as you know, Samsung S21 has Bixby, Dual Camera, Dust Resistant and Water, and the Flexible Security.

  1. Getting Started

It tells about the front and the back views.

  1. Device Setup

This part leads you to assemble the phone and start using it. By the way, this information is very important to know.

  1. Study the Device

Catch some vital points from the Navigation. Continue to the Navigation Bar, Home Screen, and then go to the Status Bar. Find many things to learn.

  1. Apps

The guidebook explains all about the Apps such as the camera, video, message, email, calendar, and others clearly.

  1. Settings

It has lots of the important roles to set the device. This part will lead you to get Access settings and the Search settings.

  1. Connection

You can learn about how to build a connection through the Bluetooth, Mobile Network, Mobile Hotspot, Wi-Fi, and Tethering.

  1. Sound and Vibration

It explains about the Volume, Ringtone, Vibration, Notification Sounds, Sound Mode, System Sound, and the rest.

  1. Notification

It tells you about the Manage Notification and the Smart Alert.

  1. Display

It shows about the Screen Quality, Screen of Settings, and the Screen Brightness.

There are still many points in the Samsung S21 user manual. It is such as the Device Maintenance, Lock Screen and Security, Accessibility, Account, Getting help, Cache clearing and the other Setting. It becomes the great noxiousness in case you do not read and finish it.

How to Remove Windows 10 Password Simply and Easily

remove Windows 10 password

Microsoft is the largest IT companies in the world. Almost all computer users worldwide use a software operating system by Microsoft. That is because the interface is user-friendly and compatible with most other applications. To keep up with technology, Microsoft has since 2015 updated its OS version to Windows 10. Unfortunately, maybe you have a problem with removing your windows 10 passwords. Yup, system on Windows 10 requires you password to login. Sometimes it disturbs, right? That is why you have to know how to remove windows 10 password. Let’s to read below.

remove Windows 10 password
how to remove Windows 10 password

The Easy Ways to Remove Windows 10 Password

You must remember that before you decide to remove the passwords of your windows, you must consider many things first. Make sure that your computer is safe from the reach of strangers. That’s because anyone will easily open your computer because it does not have a password.


Click the Windows 10 Search Menu and then type netplwiz. Netplwiz is a hidden tool to control user accounts.

After that, a window will appear that gives you access to a Windows user account and lots of password control. Look at the checkbox next to the option named “User must enter a username and password to use this computer”. You have to remove the check.

remove password on windows 10

Then, click Apply. When the system asks you to enter your current password, just enter it twice and you are finished. Next time when you need to open your Windows, you do not need to type the password anymore.

Things to Think Before Remove your Passwords

When you remove your passwords, it means you deactivate the protection of your computer.  If you use a computer for professionals, you should always protect with a password. This is to secure your business and company data. Besides that maybe your computer stores client data, so you have to secure the data.

A personal computer or laptop also has its own advantages when using passwords as protection. It will be safe if there is a bad condition such as theft. If you activate the Automatic Login feature, someone who stole your computer will surely steal your personal information. Thus, your personal information is no longer valuable. Different if you use a password. Everyone, except you, will not know what your password is.

If you often leave your computer or laptop at home, then you do not need to worry about disabling password protection. You can practice the tips about how to remove windows 10 password above. In these conditions, also make sure that you trust other people who live with you. However, you need to be aware of the possibility that thieves infiltrate your home and access personal information that does not have a password.

How to Repair the iPhone 8 Wont Charge Easily

iphone 8 wont charge

Have you ever experienced that you turn on iPhone 8 will not charge? If so, there must be something wrong happens to your device. iPhone 8 wont charge is an unhappy news that can happen to you. In this case, you need to know the causes of that problem and find the ways to repair it. In addition, you need to know that if your iPhone charge, there will be a lightning bolt next to the battery icon of your device.

iphone 8 wont charge

The General Matters Cause Your iPhone 8 Wont Charge

There are several matters that can make your phone failed to charge. Here they are:

  1. Dirty device

Some dirt will create a trouble in electrical connection to your iPhone. The more it attached to your device, the more difficult your device will charge.

  1. Broken or damaged charging port

When the charging port is broken, the connection between device and charger will not work well. Consequently, your device will not charge well or even won’t charge anymore. It will be very bad news for you since the device’s power may run out without charging.

  1. Defective charging accessory

The defective charging accessory is possible to make the charging process get worst. It is possible to happen if you often use the accessory carelessly. Or, you put it in unsafe places.

The great tips to repair your iPhone 8 that won’t charge

If you experience this problem, don’t worry. There are some tips you can try to repair it. Let’s check it out.

  1. Take any debris away from your device

Since the existence of debris can make the charging process not run well, so you should take it away. Just remove it that places in the charging port that is located on the device bottom.

  1. Try different charger

When you have many times recharged your iPhone with the same charger and your device won’t charge still, you can try other chargers. Thus, you will know what the problem is. If it charges after you try other charges, the old charge is damaged. However, if it still won’t charge although you have tried another charger, there may be another problem in your iPhone.

  1. Contact Apple Support

You can do this step to set up service. You can get help with any problems you have by contacting Apple Support.

Since the iPhone 8 wont charge is a kind of serious problems, you have to find ways to solve it. In this matter, you can try the tips above to figure out your own problems with your iPhone 8.

What is Laser Marking? How Does it Work?

laser marking

Laser marking is the practice of using lasers to engrave an object. The technique does not involve the use of inks, nor does it involve tool bits which contact the engraving surface and wear out, giving it an advantage over alternative engraving or marking technologies where inks or bit heads have to be replaced regularly.

The term laser marking is also used as a generic term covering a broad spectrum of surfacing techniques including printing, hot-branding and laser bonding. The machines for laser engraving and laser marking are the same, so that the two terms are sometimes confused by those without knowledge or experience in the practice.

laser marking

Metal laser marking is an extremely efficient and high-tech process that, with a beam of light, can label and engrave both text and graphics, such as a logo in the material.

What The Laser is?

Laser is actually an acronym that stands for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Throughout the years, the laser has become one of the most powerful manufacturing tools a company can use.


In order to create a laser, you raise the energy level of the atoms to an excited state, which enables them to release light as they fall back to their original energy, or ground state.

Who Uses Lasers?

The laser is one of the most versatile modern inventions. Lasers are used in almost every industry, including:

  • Automotive
  • Industrial & Tooling
  • Electronics
  • Medical
  • Oil & Gas and much more

Each industry has its own uses for lasers. In the manufacturing industry, for example, lasers are used in a variety of everyday tasks, such as welding, cutting, cleaning, measuring, drilling and sensing, as well as marking, etching and engraving.

laser marking on automotive

While there are other ways to mark materials, they don’t give you the quality, or environmentally friendly markings, that you get with laser marking, etching and engraving.

Benefits of Laser Marking

Some people may ask about the benefits of laser marking. In fact there are many benefits, like some of the examples below

  • High-Precision Marking at Constant Quality

Thanks to the high precision of laser marking, even very delicate graphics, 1-point fonts and very small geometries will turn out clearly legible. At the same time, marking with the laser ensures constant high-quality results.

  • High Marking Speed

Laser marking is one of the fastest marking processes available in the market. This results in high productivity and cost benefits during manufacture. Depending on the material structure and size, different laser sources or laser machines can be used to further increase the speed.

  • Durable Marking

Laser etching is permanent and at the same time resistant to abrasion, heat and acids. Depending on the laser parameter settings, certain materials can also be marked without damaging the surface.

The Secure Methods on How to Backup iPhone on Mac

backup iphone on mac

At this time, perhaps you are still browsing the internet to find the easy and secure way to copy and move your iPhone data to your Mac. You are landing on the right place. Today, we are going to show you the 2 methods on how to backup iPhone to your Mac, including backing up videos, music, photos, ebooks, apps, contacts, messages, and many more.

backup iphone on mac

2 Methods How to Backup iPhone on Mac

Method 1 – Using Syncios iPhone Manager

A free app can transfer even more than 12 types of data between iDevice and Mac. All the backup data has its lossless quality at anytime with the transfer data between several devices. It supports you to extract data from iTunes backup. However, this app has some issues like no online source downloading feature, cannot support you to search music, and it has les feature than Windows version.

Follow the steps below to start using this app.

  1. Download and install this tool for Mac. You should also have iTunes on your Mac. You do not have to run iTunes when you use this tool.
  2. Connect your iPhone to Mac. Use a USB cable and plug your iPhone. Launch the tool to Mac backup software. It starts displaying all data on your iPhone, such as videos, music, photos, messages, messages, contacts, apps, bookmarks, notes, and call logs.
  3. Backup Music from iPhone to Mac. To do so, click Media on the left panel and select Music from right. Choose the songs you want to backup in your iPhone to Mac. Hold down Command key to choose multiple songs. Alternatively, press Command+A to choose all songs. Then, click the Export button. You also need to browse the output location and then expert the music from iPhone to Mac.

Method 2 – Using iTunes

It supports online music and apps downloading, backing up settings, camera roll, messages, documents, saved games, and more. It is compatible to iPod, iPad, and iPhone models. However, it can clear thing that you need while restoring, frozen interface, and unable to view the backup files on Mac.

Follow the steps below to start using this method.

  1. Close iCloud before backup

Make sure that the iCloud is off on your device. It is impossible to backup via iTunes if the iCloud is on. To start, go to Settings, select iCloud, go to Storage & Backup to turn off the switch of the iCloud backup

  1. Connect iPhone or iPad to Mac and open iTunes
  2. Start Backup

Your device is in the left panel, choose and click Back Up Now on the right. Those are all guide on how to Backup iPhone on Mac.

Samsung Galaxy S20 and Z Flip Pre-order and Released Price List

samsung galaxy s20

Have you known that the pre-order of Samsung Galaxy S20 and Z Flip opened? The Galaxy S20 and Z Flip pre-order started on February 21, 2020. Meanwhile, the shipping started on March 8, 2020. Hopefully, you have ordered it but it is late to get the pre-order price. Do not worry you can use it to get the best price of those smartphones, later on. Galaxy S20 pre-order price and after launch are truly differences. Let’s check it dot!

samsung galaxy s20

Samsung Galaxy S20 and Z Flip pre-order and after launched/ released

Here is a price list of Samsung Galaxy S20 all series and Z Flip (pre-order):

  • Galaxy S20 Regular

Smartphone in 4G with 128GB storage offered €899 in Europe and £799 in the UK. Meanwhile, S20 regular in the same storage capacity but it 5G sells in $999 (US), €999 (Europe), and £899 (UK).

  • Galaxy S20+

Galaxy S20 Plus in 128GB storage and 4G had N/A (US and UK) while Europe offered €999. The S20+ in 5G and 128 GB presented $1,199 (US),  €1,099 (Europe), and £999 (UK). Then, the 5G and 512GB of S20+ are $1,299 (US), €1,249 (Europe), and N/A for the UK.

  • S20 Ultra

There are two kinds of 5G S20 Ultra with 128GB and 512GB. The prices of 521 GB are $1,599 (US), €1,549 (Europe), and £1,399 (UK). It offers $1,399 (US), €1,349 (Europe), and £1,199 (UK) for S20 Ultra 128GB.

  • Z Flip series

Well, the Z flip series only presents 4G but in 256GB storage. The prices of the phones are $1,380 (US), €1,480 (Europe), and £1,300 (UK).

Where to Buy Galaxy S20 All Series

Besides the factors of the network and storage capacity, Samsung Galaxy S 20 all series have other reasons. Colors and the place to buy also influence the price to offer to the customers. Even, different countries and continents also show the price of the differences. Here, this page shows the right place to buy all S20 series:

  1. Official Samsung Store
  2. Amazon
  3. B&H Photo
  4. Sprint
  5. T-Mobile
  6. AT&T
  7. Xfinity
  8. Verizon

Let’s check the price of your dreaming S20 series smartphone there! Check them alone to see the recent price that probably had just changed. All places are official to purchase the Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra. However, the most official place to buy them is in the Samsung Store. Go to the nearest store of the official Samsung in your town. Of course, you will see the price, bargain, and the get the best deal. Nonetheless, other places above are not bad to visit and try. Good luck!

If you already have a Galaxy S20 and need a user guide, you can get it here

How to Factory Reset Motorola Moto Z Easily

factory reset moto z

Often we find our phone is in a condition freeze or suddenly can’t be used, whereas before that our phone is in good condition. It certainly makes us think, whether the phone has damaged or not? Of course we feel worried, because in the phone there are many important data. Most android phone users do the factory reset way. Usually that’s the way that is the fastest and easiest way that we can do ourselves to fix our phones back to normal.

factory reset moto z

So also for those of you who have Motorola Moto Z. If you find a similar thing happening on your phone, one of the fastest ways you can do is factory reset, because this way you can fix the phone with a short time. Another benefit of making Motorola Moto Z boards is to get a new device, this will make the smartphone look like it just came out. However, before you will do a factory reset on your phone, it is important to note that it is advisable to back up all files, data and images to prevent anything important from missing. The best way to support Moto Z is to open Settings> Backup & reset. 

How to Factory Reset Motorola Moto Z

  1. Select the gear icon to open Settings.
  2. From the settings page, select Backup and reset listed under User and Backup
  3. Select Factory data reset. Make sure all the important ones have been backed up and then at the bottom of the screen select Reset device.
  4. Select Delete all and wait for the process to finish and the phone restarts.

How to do a Factory Reset Motorola Moto Z with Hardware Button

If you’ve done with the above ways but the touch screen is unresponsive, you don’t have to worry because you can still reset your Moto Z factory by using the hardware button.

  1. Turn off Moto Z.
  2. Press and hold the Up Volume key, Home button, and Power button at the same time until you see the Android icon.
  3. Using Volume down option select delete data / factory reset and press Power button to select it.
  4. Using Volume down highlight Yes – delete all user data and press Power to select it.
  5. After Moto Z reboots, then use Power button to select it.
  6. When Moto Z restarts, everything will be removed and will be ready to install again.

D-Link DIR-655 Review: The Xtreme N Gigabit Routers

d-link dir-655 review

D-Link has released a respectable contender into the field with the introduction of its DIR-655 Xtreme N Gigabit Routers. With a slew of features and better performance than most routers of the same price, we stand amazed at how much oomph this little thing has. Certainly worth every penny, the D-Link DIR-655 is a router that you need to have if you’re looking for a wiresless routers solution for a home small business. Let’s see how this router stacks up.

d-link dir-655 review

D-Link DIR-655 Design and Appearance

The DIR-655 doesn’t exactly stand out as far as appearance goes. It looks pretty similar to other routers, boasting three antennae and the typical LEDs you’d come to expect from a gigabit router. It’s all white, except for the front panel, which has a black band. A white strip is inside of it, which houses the blue LEDs you see in most electronics today. Not exactly something we’d write home about, but since it’ll be tucked away and out of sight anyway, this isn’t a big problem.


Here’s where the DIR-655 distinguishes itself from the rest of the pack. To begin with, features can be added to this device as they’re released via firmware, which is an easy process that only takes a minute or two. This is done with the USB port on the back. Of special note is the Wi-Fi guest zone on the DIR-655, which separates your friends from the systems that use the network regularly — they can’t access files or change settings.

d-link dir-655 port

Like any other network, the guest zone can be password-protected. This model also supports drive-sharing, and enjoys faster throughput than most of its competitors in this area. As far as ports go, it has the usual 4 LAN ethernet ports, and 1 WAN ethernet port for the modem.

D-Link DIR-655 Performance

The D-Link DIR-655 Extreme N Gigabit Wireless Router really amazed us with its speed and overall performance. According to various comprehensive tests, this D-Link model performed at 112.56Mbps throughput at short range, which is a seriously impressive number compared to the next-highest router, at a much smaller 83.3Mbps. We obviously recommend using this router at short range (in a house or medium office setting) for the best performance.

At Draft-N speeds, we enjoyed zipping around the Web without losing any time. We didn’t wait for websites to load, and streaming video was a breeze.


We can’t expect any router to be perfect, but the D-Link DIR-655 came pretty close to perfection. Overall, we give the DIR-655 very high marks, and highly recommend it for those who seek speed and performance without compromise.