The Secure Methods on How to Backup iPhone on Mac

At this time, perhaps you are still browsing the internet to find the easy and secure way to copy and move your iPhone data to your Mac. You are landing on the right place. Today, we are going to show you the 2 methods on how to backup iPhone to your Mac, including backing up videos, music, photos, ebooks, apps, contacts, messages, and many more.

backup iphone on mac

2 Methods How to Backup iPhone on Mac

Method 1 – Using Syncios iPhone Manager

A free app can transfer even more than 12 types of data between iDevice and Mac. All the backup data has its lossless quality at anytime with the transfer data between several devices. It supports you to extract data from iTunes backup. However, this app has some issues like no online source downloading feature, cannot support you to search music, and it has les feature than Windows version.

Follow the steps below to start using this app.

  1. Download and install this tool for Mac. You should also have iTunes on your Mac. You do not have to run iTunes when you use this tool.
  2. Connect your iPhone to Mac. Use a USB cable and plug your iPhone. Launch the tool to Mac backup software. It starts displaying all data on your iPhone, such as videos, music, photos, messages, messages, contacts, apps, bookmarks, notes, and call logs.
  3. Backup Music from iPhone to Mac. To do so, click Media on the left panel and select Music from right. Choose the songs you want to backup in your iPhone to Mac. Hold down Command key to choose multiple songs. Alternatively, press Command+A to choose all songs. Then, click the Export button. You also need to browse the output location and then expert the music from iPhone to Mac.

Method 2 – Using iTunes

It supports online music and apps downloading, backing up settings, camera roll, messages, documents, saved games, and more. It is compatible to iPod, iPad, and iPhone models. However, it can clear thing that you need while restoring, frozen interface, and unable to view the backup files on Mac.

Follow the steps below to start using this method.

  1. Close iCloud before backup

Make sure that the iCloud is off on your device. It is impossible to backup via iTunes if the iCloud is on. To start, go to Settings, select iCloud, go to Storage & Backup to turn off the switch of the iCloud backup

  1. Connect iPhone or iPad to Mac and open iTunes
  2. Start Backup

Your device is in the left panel, choose and click Back Up Now on the right. Those are all guide on how to Backup iPhone on Mac.

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