The Easiest Ways to Taking Screenshots on Windows 10

taking screenshots on windows 10

There are few simple steps that you need to follow to taking screenshots on Windows 10. If you have not set up any new programs recently, you can use the System Restore feature to get a screenshot. You can also use Windows Task Manager to toggle between different graphical systems.

How to take a screenshots on Windows 10 laptop

One of the best ways to taking screenshots on Windows 10 is to use the Print Screen button. To capture your whole desktop, just press Alt+PrtScn on the upper-right corner of your keyboard. The screenshot will then be captured on your clipboard. While pressing Alt+PrtScn, it will also hide all the other windows so you do not need to alt-tab your screen in order to see what you are printing. This is probably one of the best and most useful features of the screenshot tool.

taking screenshots on windows 10

Another way of getting a screenshot on Windows 10 with the help of the clipboard is by using the paste method. You can use this method even if you do not have a Microsoft driver installed for your computer. Simply press and hold Control+Space until you enter the copied paste mode. When you are in paste mode, you can click on Start and then click Control Panel. You should then find a paste option available.

Now, you can click on the paste button and the screenshot will then appear on your clipboard. To get the entire screen captured, you can simply hold Control+Print Screen, and this will take you to the screenshot area. While in this mode, you can use the arrow keys to scroll through your entire screen. You can also use Control+Page Up and Control+Page Down to go back to the previous page.

Takking a screenshot using keyboard shortcut

Using the keyboard shortcut described earlier is not advisable. The reason why is because the process can be quite time-consuming. Furthermore, holding the Control + Space combination when in this mode will not provide you with any benefit. In addition to that, if you want to use the screenshot feature, you have to repeat the process each time you want to print screen keystrokes. This can become very tedious and boring, especially if you are frequently using Microsoft products.

What you can do instead is to utilize the Prtscn button on your keyboard which provides you with the ability to select a specific region of the screen and then you can copy the screenshot in that location. Using the keyboard shortcut described above is highly recommended since it saves you a lot of time. It also enables you to edit and type text in the exact same location. As a result, using the Prtscn shortcut can save you a significant amount of time whenever you need to take screenshots on Windows 10.

Samsung Galaxy S22 will use 65w Fast Charging Upgrade on the Battery

samsung galaxy s22 fast charging

Battery health, including charging time and capacity, is one thing that manufacturers are competing on. Most of them try to install the largest capacity battery in the slimmest possible dimension.

That tactic could be harmful. As there’s always a chance of the battery getting heat up too fast. Not to disregard the time needed to charge the phone. A large capacity battery requires a faster charging time. When you’re always mobile, you need your phone to be available all day around. Both battery saving and fast charging technology are what most manufacturers aim to have.

Samsung Galaxy S21 is one of the best phones out there. It has a good camera, long battery life, and large storage. But unfortunately, it’s not charging fast enough. And that remains its biggest flaw.

Why Samsung Galaxy S22 needs 65w fast charging

When you compare to other flagship phones such as Xiaomi Mi 11 or the OnePlus 9, the charging speed on S21 is very puny. Both Xiaomi and OnePlus have a 55w and 65w fast charge. Reducing charging time to under one hour.

samsung galaxy s22 fast charging

It takes a little more than one hour to charge a Samsung Galaxy S21 4500mAH battery to 100% capacity. As for the S21 Ultra, with its 5000mAH battery,  it needs more than two hours to fully charged the phone.

It’s important to remember that Galaxy S20 Ultra has 45w charging. But somehow Samsung changed it up for the S21 series. All handsets in the S21 series have 25w charging instead.

The latest leak on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 mentions a major upgrade on the battery. It says that the phone will be having a faster charging time. The reports mention that Samsung is currently testing several fast charging options, 25w 45w, and 65w.  There is a chance that they might go even higher.

Having a fast-charging phone can be a good thing. But it can spell trouble when you tend to be careless with your phone. Fast charging means less time to charge. But it also requires you to pay more attention to your phone.

Another problem ensues

Having a fast charging handset means that you may overcharge the battery. Many people are not aware that leaving your phone to charge overnight can harm the phone in the long run.

However, Samsung should be able to work around this issue. A battery health monitor is a must-have for a flagship phone. The same goes with the possible prevention the manufacturer has in mind.

If Samsung doesn’t change the battery capacity for the upcoming S22 series, then you can expect to see another 4000mAH battery on S22 basic and a 5000mAH battery on S22 Ultra.

The ensure battery health, Samsung could do what Sony did by implementing a smart charging feature. Smart charging means the user sets the time when to have their phone fully charged. The charging won’t start until there’s enough time to reach 100% battery.

At the moment, Sony and Oppo are the ones implementing the smart charging feature on their phones. This feature is great for users who choose to charge their phones overnight. They don’t have to worry about overcharging or damaging their battery.

samsung s22 fast charger

Another option for Samsung is installing a trickle charging feature. This feature means that when the phone has reached full capacity, the charger will continue to provide energy. But it will be just enough for the phone to use.  That way, you won’t be overcharging the battery.

Samsung Galaxy S21 series always make it in the best phone list. Unfortunately, the slow charging time is one thing that holds it back. Therefore, Samsung must aim to implement a faster-charging feature in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 series.

Even when the battery capacity for each handset is unknown, it is safe to say that the S22 needs fast charging badly. Hopefully, Samsung will install the technology on all handsets and not on the S22 Ultra only.

The recent leaks mainly focused on the top-end handset of the series. Several reports mentioned that the Samsung Galaxy S22 is Ultra the one that will have various interesting features.

The fans are looking forward to seeing the pricing scheme for the S22 series. And whether it will hold up to the features each handset have. Samsung has managed to suppress the price for S21. There is a chance they will do a similar trick again.

Samsung Offers Pre-orders of Galaxy Note 8 and give $150 Discount

galaxy note 8

You must not be surprised again by the Samsung’s company, right? It is because Samsung always produces the new product in every year. They always renew the previous one with the better one. For example, the newest Galaxy Note 8 has launched lately. There are lots of Samsung lovers want to have it. The time for the pre-order opening is waited by lots of customers. Here is the more information about it.

galaxy note 8

Best Buy Open Pre-order of Galaxy Note 8 and Gives $150 Discount

The Samsung’s company in United Stated has confirmed about their pricing details of the latest smartphone. Best Buy is one of the biggest carrier partners of Samsung. The customers can start pre-order of Samsung Note 8 from the Best Buy. It offers the lowest price for all product of Samsung, including Note 8. You can save your many by ordering in the Best Buy.

Besides, Best Buy offers the discount for all customers until $150.You can choose which carrier that will be used it on. The price savings will be reflected in the customer’s monthly payment. Besides, Samsung’s company is also offering 24-month financing on the unlocked Galaxy Note 8 units when purchased with a My Best Buy. The customers can pre-order unlocked Galaxy Note 8 from Best Buy starting September 15, 2017.

It is such a great deal, right? For those who want to get the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 8, they can make it real with a lower price.

It’s said that the position of Galaxy Note 7 has replaced by the Galaxy Note 8. Surely, you are wonder about the specifications of Galaxy Note, aren’t you? Well, here are the key of the Samsung Note 8 specs:

  • Display: 6.3-inch Quad HD+ 2960 x 1440 (521 ppi)
  • OS: Android 7.1.1
  • Dimensions: 162.5 x 74.8 x 8.6 mm
  • Weight: 195 g
  • RAM: 6GB
  • Rear Camera: 12MP dual camera
  • Front Camera: 8MP
  • Battery: 3.300 mAh
  • Processor: Octa core 2.3GHz

Well, those are the specifications of the latest Samsung Note 8 that is amazing. Besides, it has a fantastic spec; Samsung Galaxy Note 8 also appears with some various colors, such as Midnight Black, Deepsea Blue, Orchid Grey and Maple Gold. The elegant colors are chosen to make the customers interest in the smartphone. Best Buy is one of carrier partners of Samsung that provides those colors. So, you can order which the color you like in Best Buy.You can get that massive smartphone with the amazing specs by visit Best Buy.

You can also pay it with your credit card or buy in cash and got the discount.

iPhone 13 Guide for Seniors and Beginners to Upgrade the Sophisticated Technology

iphone 13 guide

What do you know about the iPhone 13 guide for the senior? It is one of the ways for you to keep up to date though you never change your phone. You might not include the people who like to change something in a fast time. You are the loyal people or think that the character is like childhood. Moreover, there are many features helping your necessary. Nonetheless, you may not be left behind toward the development of technology. Besides that, the presence of the tips keeps eases you to get something. By the way, there are iPhone 13 user guide for seniors and beginners.

iphone 13 guide

Tips to operate your iPhone 13 ike new

Enjoy your old phone such as you are operating the new one. Get the easiness through these 7 tips:

  1. Magnifying glass

Get features Use a magnifying glass on your iPhone to read the sides of the bottle or small print. You can use an inbuilt camera to make a magnifying glass.

  1. Scan documents with the camera

You can take photos of documents for PDF versions with iOS 11. The benefit of this feature is to send a signed document, form or scanned document back.

  1. Add Emergency Contact

Get emergency contacts from the Health app with SOS Emergency on iOS 11. This feature accelerates you when asking for help in an emergency.

  1. Reader for Safari Browser

Safari Reader makes it easy for you to read long articles on websites without ads, links, and other information.

  1. Increase font size

You can adjust the text for the Mail, Message, Notes, and Contact applications. The right text size will make it easier to read.

  1. Screenshot and Tag

How to take screenshots is enough to quickly press and release the side buttons along with the volume up button. How to tag, share or save screenshots by tapping thumbnail images?

  1. Buy applications, music, or books without a credit card

Use credit from your Apple ID to buy these applications in one of the stores. This store can be an iTunes or App store and you can get credit from buying it.

How to Add the Emergency Contact in Detail

As one of the examples, you can add the emergency contact with 5 steps below:

  1. Open the Health application and the Medical ID tab.
  2. Tap Edit then goes to Emergency Contact.
  3. Add emergency contacts by tapping the green plus icon.
  4. Tap the contact and add their relationship.
  5. Tap “done” and you have automatically saved your changes.

Always be up-to-date with people everywhere and every time. Certainly, it is not difficult to always add your insight. Moreover, there is an internet which is ready to help everyone. Thanks for reading the iPhone 13 guide for the senior!

How to Transfer from Android to iPhone With an Easy Steps

transfer data from android to iphone

As a crazy fan for high tech and digital products, you might have in hand a digital camera, computer or laptop. And not surprisingly, you have an Android smartphone as well as an iPhone. Or you own an Android phone and have a plan to switch to iPhone. Whichever case you are in, you are looking for solution on how to transfer from Android to iPhone.

transfer data from android to iphone

If you want to transfer stuffs from one device to another, you can use bluetooth or wireless transfer via app. But this works only when the two devices are of same operating systems. If not, you will need the help of some tool. Now supposed that you needed to transfer a batch of photos from your Android phone to your iPhone, what’s the best and workable solution? Cross-platform transfer can be more complicated because the settings of each is quite different. Yet, with a phone to phone transfer app, you can also easily Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone.

iPhone Data’s Phone to Phone Transfer is the very tool to help you complete this task without hassle. With this Android to iPhone transfer tool, you can sync all files and data from Android to iPhone. And below tutorials can guide you through the transition. Don’t worry, it is easy to consume with clear step by-step details.

Step by step to transfer from Android to iPhone

Step 1: Download & Install Transfer Tool

The very first thing you need to do is download Phone to Phone Transfer and install it onto your computer. For your convenience, we offer you two versions: for Windows and for Mac. You can download the right version from above buttons.

Step 2: Connect Smartphones & Computer

Now open the transfer program and enter into the user interface.

transfer from android to iphone

Next you will be required to connect the mobile phones with your computer where you installed the transfer tool. You can connect the devices via USB data cables. While connecting the devices, make sure the transfer program is running. And once the devices are connected, you will see below interface.

Note: If the position of source phone and destination phone is exchanged, you can click the “Flip” button to make it right.

Step 3: Select Content for Syncing

If the above settings are done, you can click to select the content that are to be transferred and synced. For instance, if you want to transfer your photos from the Android phone to iPhone, just select “Photos” and click “Start Copy” to sync photos cross-platform.

Benefits of Learning Piano for Children and Teenager

learning piano

In addition to honing children’s academics, honing children’s abilities in non-academic fields such as music is no less important for the child’s future. Maybe you are still confused about what musical instrument is right to hone children’s talents.

You don’t need to worry because all musical instruments are good, but to hone children’s talents for the first time, children can learn to play piano. Learning a piano instrument may often be considered difficult. So some parents choose to provide learning piano for their children. This is because playing the piano itself has many health benefits for children.

learning piano

This is the benefit of the child plays the piano and practices in earnest

  • Improve children’s concentration and multitasking skills

By playing the piano, children can practice and improve their concentration skills. This happens when the child is playing the piano, moving both hands simultaneously.
Then, the child must also learn to read musical notes according to the beat of the music by feeling and adjusting them appropriately. Not only that, but children also have to estimate when to step on the piano pedals.

The steps above are carried out simultaneously so that you get a melody that is sweet and pleasant to hear. If the child continues to practice the piano, this will practice their multitasking skills.

  • Turn on several areas in the brain that train children’s concentration and patience

Some studies say that playing the piano can also make the brain work differently from other activities. According to a researcher from Australia, Anita Collins, several areas in the brain will “turn on” when a child is playing music. Because some of these areas are “lit”, it can improve the quality of the child’s concentration and patience. Very useful, right?

  • Reducing the risk of stress and making feelings more positive

Apart from increasing concentration and patience, the habit of playing the piano is believed to improve children’s mental health. That way, the chances are very small for children to experience stress or depression when compared to children who do not play the piano.

If children take the time to play the piano during their busy lives, it will help lower blood pressure and feel more positive. The piano can also reflect the feelings and emotions of children. With just a few minutes, playing the piano can bring happiness. Not surprisingly, children who like to play the piano have a more positive personality.

  • Train Aural Awareness, which makes it easier for children to catch the tone

Playing the piano can train children to recognize the notes and sounds produced by the piano. If he is used to playing the piano, don’t be surprised if your child becomes very sensitive to notes. If there was a note that wasn’t quite right, he could notice right away.

This ability is called Aural Awareness, which is the ability of a child’s ear that is sensitive to music. This Aural Awareness also makes children quickly grasp the notes that must be played in a song, without the need to ask even if they only hear it briefly.

  • Unconsciously, playing the piano is also a hand sport

Even though you sit more, when you play the piano, of course, your hands move more often. However, without realizing it, this activity can also be called a sport. Because in playing the piano alone, there are rules about posture when sitting, and playing with the right-hand position, so that it makes the hands stronger.

As well as the resulting music effects also have an impact on heart health, which helps children regulate their heart rate while playing the piano.

  • Children can learn to accept criticism well which affects aspects of their life

When learning to play the piano, children often get positive feedback and criticism from both teachers and listeners. Not many children can take criticism well, but by playing the piano children can learn to accept criticism.

  • Improve cognitive abilities and self-confidence

Another benefit of children who play the piano is that they have improved cognitive and coordination skills compared to children who do not learn piano. So that it affects children’s achievement at school.

When going through challenges in learning piano, children’s self-confidence increases. Coupled with the appreciation and enthusiasm given by you and your family.

Research in 2014 on grade 4 children in Canada showed that students’ self-esteem improved after learning piano. So if the child shows a lack of confidence, you can ask him to play the piano.

So, those are the benefits you get when your child learns to play the piano. Now don’t hesitate, Ma, because playing music children can get various important benefits for their lives and health.

DeskFlex: The Desk Booking System for a Flexible Workplace

desk booking system

A desk booking system allows you to deploy flexible and activity-based workspaces throughout your organization, enabling users to reserve a workspace as and when they need it, to suit their work-life needs.

The desk booking solution can help you create a more productive and collaborative workplace experience for your employees. You can maximize your workspace and get more out of your room.

desk booking system

DeskFlex, a desk booking system provider

The DeskFlex software provides a complete suite of reservation options including table and room scheduling, coworking spaces, parking management, and equipment reservation. Let’s see what they have to offer.

  • Point & Click Floor Maps

DeskFlex is a customizable hoteling and scheduling solution for workspaces, conference rooms, desks, parking spaces, equipment. Make your business more flexible and efficient with our hoteling system.

  • MS Outlook/MS Exchange Integration

DeskFlex merges with MS Outlook/MS Exchange Integration so all your reservations can be viewed in one place. DeskFlex also integrates with Outlook calendaring to make scheduling and reservation easy.

  • Room Scheduling

Room scheduling is an easy way to reserve, check or cancel reservations for workspaces or conference rooms. The intuitive interface makes DeskFlex’s room scheduling a great way to cut operational costs.

  • FlexCube

A simple and quick solution for on-demand workstations. Flexcubes display the availability of workstations in real-time. Assisting in the transition from traditional offices to hoteling

  • Room Display Touchscreen

Room scheduling was made easy. DeskFlex’s Room Display Touchscreen is a great way to manage your conference rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms, training, and operating rooms.

  • Workstation Touchscreen

The DeskFlex workstation touchscreen was specially designed for technical or scientific applications. Intended primarily to be used by a person at a time.

Whether you have hot desks, open workstations, or agile workspaces, desk booking software is imperative. There’s simply no replacement for the control, oversight, and information it provides. Even in smaller offices, the centralized control offered by desk booking software plays a vital role in workplace management. It reduces stress, optimizes space utilization, informs trends, and ensures everyone has a place to do their best work.

A little Understanding about Printed Circuit Board

printed circuit board

A Printed Circuit Board, abbreviated as PCB, is a board of electronic components arranged to form an electronic circuit or a circuit place that connects electronic components without using cables. It is called a circuit board because it is mass-produced by printing.

Three types of PCBs are often used namely single side, double-sided, and multi-layer. A single side means that the PCB board only has one side coated with copper plates. The double side means that the PCB board has two sides covered with copper plates and the fiber layer is between the two copper layers so that it can create a path on the upper and lower layers. The multi-layer consists of several layers of copper which are conductors arranged alternately.

printed circuit board

PCB Manufacturing Process

In PCB manufacturing there will be several stages which will then end in the design of the manufacturer which becomes the product. Each of these stages requires specific software. Among them are CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering), CAD (Computer-Aided Design), and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing).

pcb manufacturing
pcb manufacturing process
  • CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering)

CAE or Computer-Aided Engineering is a technology to calculate the characteristics of a product or part of a product with the help of a computer. In designing a product, it is also necessary to know the characteristics of the designed product both mechanically, dynamically, and thermally, and other characteristics by analyzing the design product.

The first step in the PCB design stage is to create a schematic circuit from the PCB. Then in the process, we will draw the circuit, place the electronic symbols and connect them between the terminals of the symbols concerned. Of course, this process will require a schematic and the form of the component footprints stored in the form of a library file.

  • CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) CAM

Is technology for planning, controlling, and controlling the manufacture of products with the help of computers. The CAM system covers areas of expertise such as CAPP (Computer Aided Process Planning or computer-assisted job preparation), NC (Numeric Control) programming and robot programming, creation of work instructions, material planning and provision of cutting tools and clamping tools, and includes also FMS (computer system for flexible control of production systems). One of the most developed parts of CAM is NC. This is a technique of using programmed instructions to control a machine tool that grinds, cuts, mills, bends, perforates, or converts raw materials into finished goods. Several NC instructions are based on geometric data from the CAD database, plus additional operator information.

  • CAD (Computer-Aided Design)

Computer-Aided Design or abbreviated CAD is a computer program software used to draw a product or part of a product in the form of 2D. This function is to change the electronic circuit that has been created on the CAE to the physical form of the components and PCB paths. This stage is the advanced stage of the netlist and component list so this stage is the process of designing a PCB layout. What will be done later, such as creating or connecting related paths, making layout size settings, placing components, and other design activities. A design check is also a tool that has been provided by each software, namely the DRC tool.

For fast prototyping, high-quality PCB production, come work with the experts at You can call at (203) 269-3311, or use their handy online form to ask any questions you may have about our process or our work. Get the quick, high-quality PCB fabrication services you need to stay ahead of your competition.