How to Customize Notifications Menu Bar on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus

customize notifications menu bar on galaxy s8

If you do own the new Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you are probably thinking of ways through which you may could customize the notification bar on Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus. The notifications menu bar grants you quick access to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings. In the guide we have provided below, we have clearly illustrated how you can customize the toggles in the notification menu bar on Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.

Usually, you will come across several toggles in the notification menu bar on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus smartphone. There might be an option to adjust the brightness and this will normally depend on the carrier you are using. You will get a fast access to the Quick Settings by simply pulling down the notification bar menu.

customize notifications menu bar on galaxy s8

This page will allow you to make desired changes to the notification menu bar on not only the S8 Galaxy smartphone but the S8 Plus as well. Follow the Galaxy S8 manual below to learn how you can edit as well as customize the notification menu bar.

Customizing the Notification Menu Bar on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus

  1. Switch on your Samsung smartphone
  2. Once the phone is powered on, slide down the notification menu bar then at the top corner of the screen, select the squares icon. This should bring up the Quick Settings menu.
  3. You should be able to see a Pencil at the top of the display, click on it.
  4. Locate the notification panel edit settings depending on your wireless carrier. From the notification panel settings get rid of the brightness adjustment slider. Proceed to set all the Quick Settings as desired.
  5. Hold down the toggles you would like to get rid of and once they have been highlighted, simply drag and drop them at any location on the notification bar.

Your favorite toggles should be visible once you complete the last step provided in the guide above. Usually, you should be able to come across your customized toggles as the first list when you slide down the notification bar. You can also see and access the Quick Settings thereafter.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Has Great Camera Features

Samsung makes a surprise with their first release in the MWC 2018 with the new Android Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. At a glance, the looks of the new Galaxy S9 and S9+ is similar to the previous Galaxy S8 that has launched in the last year in 2017. However, Samsung makes sure that this Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 is new and extremely fresh.

In the first day of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ launching, Samsung tells that their new Android of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ has an incredible camera feature capacity. According to the Galaxy S9 user guide, this camera feature is really different from the previous camera of the Galaxy S8. The camera of Android Galaxy S9 and S9+ has two headlining cameras which separated. Then, do you want to know about the camera on the new Android of Samsung? Here the complete information for you!

The Two Headlining Camera of Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+

The first feature of Samsung Galaxy S9 camera is variable aperture. Have you known about the variable aperture? So, first of all, you have to know about the explanation of an aperture. As you know, an aperture in the camera is a process of an opening camera which is a light pass through the sensor or the film.

samsung galaxy s9 camera

The function of the aperture in the camera is like a pupil for the human eyes. The main function of the aperture in the camera is to adjust the size of the aperture and the amount of the lighting which enter to the camera system.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are really amazing. It has provided the camera with two apertures that are f2.4 and f1.5. Having two amazing aperture of the camera makes Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ has a better and softer photos result.

People can measure its low light and more light by themselves. Besides, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ also provided a feature of camera sensor. It is to make take a photo in the dark. So, people can take a lot of photos in such bright light or even in the dark.

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The Truth About TrueTwit Validation

As a software developer, I try not to stigmatize other organizations and products. It takes a lot of effort to develop software or applications, and I can definitely appreciate the process.

All that said, I hate TrueTwit Validation. You know the one. It pollutes your Twitter private message inbox when you follow new individuals or organizations.

We’ve taken on several clients’ social media campaigns in the past, and every once in a while we’ll come across a Twitter account that is utilizing TrueTwit Validation. It’s not uncommon for marketers to feel overwhelmed with managing an organizations social media efforts, and to look for tools to make their life easier and their work more efficient. TrueTwit promises it’s users three things.

Verify people from robots
Avoid Twitter spam
Save time managing your followers

The problem is, TrueTwit doesn’t really do any of those things.

So what does TrueTwit actually do?

TrueTwit Is a Terrible First Impression

Let’s be honest with each other for a second. When you see those TrueTwit messages appear in your inbox, what is your first thought about your new social media friend? Do you have doubts they are a real person?

Seeing those TrueTwit messages in my inbox gives off a used car salesman vibe. It makes the offender look sleazy, lazy, and uninterested.

Another factor to consider is the scam effect. Because there are so many email and social media scams out there today, most people have been convinced that any suspicious link that is sent to them will lead them to a site that will steal their credit card information and first born son. When these same people see your TrueTwit direct message, do you honestly think they’ll feel safe clicking on it?

TrueTwit Alienates Your Audience

The beauty of Twitter is that anyone can find and follow you. It’s not uncommon for someone to see you chatting with one of their connections, and decide to follow you too. These casual followers are initially interested in what you have to say, but that all changes when they get their direct message from TrueTwit.

Because these followers are casual, it’s very unlikely that they will click through your TrueTwit link and fill out the CAPTCHA. They weren’t that interested in you in the first place. They saw you, thought you might be interested, followed you, and now realize that was a mistake.

TrueTwit Doesn’t “Verify People From Robots”

We put men on the moon, we smash particles together at nearly the speed of light, we can talk with someone on the other side of the planet with a device that is smaller than the palm of your hand. I could go on…

Do you really think that a computer or program can’t figure out a CAPTCHA?

TrueTwit Doesn’t Help “Avoid Twitter Spam”

Because Twitter is an open social platform, one-way relationships are possible. If you have a public account (and you do if you are a business), there is nothing stopping a spambot or a bored individual from spamming your Twitter account. You can’t stop it, there is literally nothing you can do – except ignore it.

TrueTwit doesn’t do anything to prevent this. It can’t.

Just because someone fills out your CAPTCHA and their account is “verified” doesn’t mean they aren’t a spam account. There are plenty of real people out there who will spam you. That lonely girl that keeps sending you messages to look at her pictures? She filled out your CAPTCHA, so she must be legit!

TrueTwit Doesn’t “Save Time Managing Your Followers”

With all the negatives that are layed out above, it’s clear that TrueTwit isn’t saving you any time. TrueTwit sets your social media efforts back, and stunts your growth. That is not what we call “saving time.”

The truth about TrueTwit is that it doesn’t do any of those things. If anything, TrueTwit makes you look like spam, disincentives people to follow you, and stunts your social media growth.

TrueTwit has no redeeming qualities, and will do damage to your social media campaigns.

So to recap, don’t use TrueTwit! If and when we come across clients that are currently using it, it’s always #1 on our list of things to change.

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How to Get iPhone 12 User Manual and Using It

iphone 12 user manual

Many people who are willing to buy or have already purchased the iPhone 12 are mostly wondering about how to get user manual for this device. The iPhone 12 pro user guide will be useful for those who want to do something, but they didn’t know or want to try something new on the phone.

iphone 12 user manual

As you now that iPhone 12 has just released and undoubtedly many people will need the user manual guide so they can use the phone better. Many people asked about the manual use if it already released or not.  The answer is yes, it was released. There are two release versions. The first one comes from the Apple, and the one another comes from another source.

How to Get iPhone 12 User Manual Free

For those who are asking about how to get the iPhone 12 user guide, you can just visit the Apple’s official website. There, you probably will not find the guide version which exclusive for the iPhone 12.

Find the menu that written for the iOS 14 guidance. iPhone 12 includes the manual for iOS 14. While for the other sources, you can just look it on many websites that specialize collecting the manual used for the iPhone.

How to use the iPhone 12 User Guide

You can start from the thing that you want to do. As an example, you want to do something with the Settings. Make sure you choose the menu that suits you. Then, search the sub-menu that you want.

Finally, follow the setup or the guide that you see there. And, you can finish it with that. Do the same if you want to try other great things with Apple iPhone 12. With the information from the question of how to get Apple iPhone 12 user manual, you can enjoy many new things with the phone.

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Apple iPhone 7 User Guide for Beginners

iphone 7 user guide

In this modern era, the user guide is very needed by the user of the phone, likewise the iPhone 7 user manual is very needed for the iPhone 7 owners. Why can it be like that? The answer may be because the user will find the difficulties to recognize the phone and all the features without the user guide of iPhone 7. So, the user guide is essential for you, isn’t it? Yea, it should be like that.

iphone 7 user guide

About a mobile phone, the smartphone is more familiar at present. It is proved by the number of the users which are more increase time by time. So, do you know what the best and attractive smartphone is? Well, it is iPhone. The reason is that the applications of the iPhone are presented earlier than other kinds of a smartphone. Besides, you also need to know that the iPhone has the maximum fulfillment. It is great, right?

Inside Information of the iPhone 7 User Guide

The next explanation is that there are some fascinating features of this smartphone based on the iPhone 7 user guide, such as:

1. Water Resistant

To have a smartphone which is categorized as a water resistant is very beneficial for you. It can, of course, give so many advantages when there is something wrong with the phone happen, especially related to the water. A smartphone generally will get off or broken when it falls into the water or get hit by water. However, it will not work on this iPhone 7 because it is water resistant. `It means that this iPhone cannot break down under the water.

2. Camera

There are several superiorities of the camera on this smartphone according to the iPhone 7 user guide. This phone comes with 7 MP of face time-camera. Besides, it is also completed with great color capture. So, it allows you to experience great capture with a beautiful colored picture every time.
Moreover, this smartphone also comes with LED. With the existence of LED, this phone offers you to get a brighter picture on the camera. It can happen because the camera can produce the brighter flash. So, it will be completely nice to operate for you.

3. Speaker

A speaker is one of the most important features of the phone. That is why some customers always try to find a smartphone with a well-quality speaker. In this iPhone 7, you will be able to enjoy a stereo, speakers. Thus, it will be pleasurable to get good sounds, for listening to the music or playing the video.

For the place, the speakers are located separately. One is on the top of the phone, and the other is at the bottom. However, they can work together and can create a better dynamic range and quality sound. It is a very excellent speaker, isn’t it?

There are still many interesting features to discuss the iPhone 7. Those features above are several fascinating ones which are interesting to know first. Yes, that is all for the iPhone 7 user guide which is hopefully useful to you.

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iPhone 5 User Guide to Receive Calls

iphone 5 user guide

iphone 5 user guideIn this chapter, the iPhone 5 user guide will inform you about how to receive a call and everything about the calls. When you use the phone, calls will always include on the important list of using iPhone or smartphone. Why?

The reason is simple; it is because the call is one of the most important things that people will do to contact their friends. It means that calls service is needed and will always be used. For those who are on a professional job, calls are important to connect each other. So what is the instruction? Below is the explanation.

  • Answer Call
    If you receive a call and willing to answer it, tap the “Answer” menu that appears on the screen. If your phone is locked, you will need another way to hang it. To receive a call when your phone is locked, you need to drag the slider. The iPhone 5 user guide is different if you use a headset. You need to press the center of the headset to receive the call.
  • Silence a Call
    There is also a choice for you if you want to silence your call. What does it mean? By make your call “silence,” you will not hear the call’s ringing, and the caller doesn’t know that you already make it silence. The caller also will not know if their calls have been silenced.
    To make it happen, press the sleep/wake up button. Another iPhone 5 user guide to silence the call is by pressing the volume button.
    As a note, you can answer the call although you already make it silence. If not, voice note probably appears for the caller.
  • Reply a Call With Text
    It is now possible to reply any call with the message. For those who are busy, this step will be the best guide. To do that, just swipe up the black hang icon and then choose the menu “Reply with message.” After that, you will have two choices. They are “Reply” and” “Custom.” If you want to reply, just click the reply menu.

You can even now set the default replies. To manage it, go to your Setting menu, then click menu “Phone” and then you will see the menu “Reply with Messages.” Once you arrived in this menu, you can set the messages that you wish to become your default. You can set such as “Is in office. I will talk to you later” or “Please call back in 5 minutes”. It depends on your need. With that iPhone 5 user guide information about receiving the call, you can now only manage the call that you received.

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Knowing More About Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Owners Manual

galaxy note 8 owners manual

Galaxy Note 8 owners Manual must be the most important information which contains some necessary instructions about how to use Galaxy Note 8 itself. Well, the owner of the Galaxy note manual must be the one who made it, Samsung Company. However, you might also be able to own the Galaxy Note 8 manual once you downloaded it or bought that smartphone.

galaxy note 8 owners manual

Detailed info about Galaxy Note 8 Owners Manual

Exactly, you must have known Galaxy Note 8 owners manual, but there are also some who do not know about it yet. Therefore, here, in this following details, will be explained more about Note 8 Manual.

  • Special features. In Galaxy Note 8 user manual, there will be info about some special features available in that smartphone including S Pen, Hello Bixby, face recognition, Fingerprint scanner, Iris scanner, water and dust resistance, etc. You can know each feature’s function by reading the manual. S pen, for instance, is used to assists you in performing a various function.
  • Getting started. To use your smartphone, you need to install the SIM Card and Memory Card. If it is the first time installing the Card on the smartphone, you might make a mistake. Therefore, Galaxy Note 8 user  guide is available to guide you to get started activating your phone.
  • Apps. When you have done setting up your phone, you need to install some apps to use including games, social media app, browser, etc. On your phone, there have been many installed apps from Samsung. Whether you want to uninstall them or not, it will be up to you. Read the way to install and uninstall apps from Note 8 Manual.
  • Get help. If you find a matter, you might get help by looking the info about it. Usually, there will be videos, tips, stimulators, Samsung care, Verizon glossary, etc. exist to help you.

Additional info about Galaxy Note 8 Owners Manual

When you have purchased the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you must find that Galaxy Note 8 owners manual is needed. Well, here is the additional info about Galaxy Note manual which might be helpful.

  • The file. If you want to download the Galaxy Note 8 manual, you just need to go to the Samsung website by surfing the internet online. Make sure you have the internet connection. Also, you need to download the Pdf application first.
  • Languages. Surprisingly, Galaxy Note 8 manual is available in several languages. The main languages are English and Russian. However, you might still even find the other languages such as Japanese, Germany, Chinese, etc.
  • Ask for someone’s help. Galaxy Note manual offers all the information about your Galaxy Note 8 so that you might be able to handle everything easily. However, if you still find difficulty, you might ask for help.

Well, that’s about Galaxy Note 8 owners manual which will hopefully be helpful for you especially those whose phone is Galaxy Note 8.

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The Importance of iPhone 6 User Guide You Need to Know

iphone 6 user guide

iPhone 6 user guide must be a very useful phone guide that is becoming more and more popular among people especially the iPhone users themselves. Using the iPhone 6 is pretty similar to using the other smartphone, but some are different. Here is the guide for using iPhone 6.

iphone 6 user guide

The Necessity of iPhone 6 User Guide

When you are about to go purchasing the new phone, there will be the phone guide included. When you buy the iPhone 6, you not get the iPhone 6 user guide, but you  can download iPhone 6 user manual here iPhone 6 user manual. Here are guides you might need when you operate your iPhone 6.

  • Restore the Data

If you want to restore the data from the iTunes backup, you need to connect your phone to the computer. You need to, first, choose the iTunes backup and tap the restore icon then. After that, choose the data you want to restore. Then, connect the iPhone 6 to the computer. Wait till it has done.

  • Set Up the Lock Screen

The lock screen is very useful to keep your data including photos and videos, messages, and other data safe. There are many lock screens available, but Touch ID is the well-known one. Touch ID is Apple’s fingerprint recognition. To turn on the Touch ID, you need to open the setting icon, choose Touch Id and passcode. Then type your passcode and add the fingerprint.

  • Turning On the Siri

If you are a lazy type of person, you might use the Siri. Siri is like the Apple’s voice assistant. To turn it on, you just need to tap set up Siri on. Once it has been on, you have to speak the phrases available on the screen so that the phone can learn your voice.

Another iPhone 6 User Guide You Need to Know

There are many other important things you need to know which you can learn all from reading iPhone 6 user guides. Here will be explained more details about it.

  • Downloading Apps

Having such the great phone such as iPhone 6 will be useless if you do not have many applications to use. The phone is not only for sending the text or calling a person but also to play games or update news from the social media. If you want to download apps, you need to open the Apple store on your phone. Do not forget to turn the Wi-Fi on. Search the app you want to download, press the download button. Then, all you need to do is waiting for it.

  • Delete Apps

If you have already felt bored about having such definite apps or you rarely used that app, you may be able to delete it. It is simple to do. You just need to hold down on the apps you want to delete for a couple of seconds. After that, press the cross button on it, then press the home button to leave edit mode.

  • Set Up the e-mail

If you want to use the Apple store, you need to sign in first by using your e-mail. It is not complicated; you just need to add an e-mail account, type your address and passcode. Then, you are ready to use it.

There are still more about iPhone 6 user guide that has not been explained yet. You might search for its details on the internet.

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