Samsung Galaxy S20 and Z Flip Pre-order and Released Price List

Have you known that the pre-order of Samsung Galaxy S20 and Z Flip opened? The Galaxy S20 and Z Flip pre-order started on February 21, 2020. Meanwhile, the shipping started on March 8, 2020. Hopefully, you have ordered it but it is late to get the pre-order price. Do not worry you can use it to get the best price of those smartphones, later on. Galaxy S20 pre-order price and after launch are truly differences. Let’s check it dot!

samsung galaxy s20

Samsung Galaxy S20 and Z Flip pre-order and after launched/ released

Here is a price list of Samsung Galaxy S20 all series and Z Flip (pre-order):

  • Galaxy S20 Regular

Smartphone in 4G with 128GB storage offered €899 in Europe and £799 in the UK. Meanwhile, S20 regular in the same storage capacity but it 5G sells in $999 (US), €999 (Europe), and £899 (UK).

  • Galaxy S20+

Galaxy S20 Plus in 128GB storage and 4G had N/A (US and UK) while Europe offered €999. The S20+ in 5G and 128 GB presented $1,199 (US),  €1,099 (Europe), and £999 (UK). Then, the 5G and 512GB of S20+ are $1,299 (US), €1,249 (Europe), and N/A for the UK.

  • S20 Ultra

There are two kinds of 5G S20 Ultra with 128GB and 512GB. The prices of 521 GB are $1,599 (US), €1,549 (Europe), and £1,399 (UK). It offers $1,399 (US), €1,349 (Europe), and £1,199 (UK) for S20 Ultra 128GB.

  • Z Flip series

Well, the Z flip series only presents 4G but in 256GB storage. The prices of the phones are $1,380 (US), €1,480 (Europe), and £1,300 (UK).

Where to Buy Galaxy S20 All Series

Besides the factors of the network and storage capacity, Samsung Galaxy S 20 all series have other reasons. Colors and the place to buy also influence the price to offer to the customers. Even, different countries and continents also show the price of the differences. Here, this page shows the right place to buy all S20 series:

  1. Official Samsung Store
  2. Amazon
  3. B&H Photo
  4. Sprint
  5. T-Mobile
  6. AT&T
  7. Xfinity
  8. Verizon

Let’s check the price of your dreaming S20 series smartphone there! Check them alone to see the recent price that probably had just changed. All places are official to purchase the Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra. However, the most official place to buy them is in the Samsung Store. Go to the nearest store of the official Samsung in your town. Of course, you will see the price, bargain, and the get the best deal. Nonetheless, other places above are not bad to visit and try. Good luck!

If you already have a Galaxy S20 and need a user guide, you can get it here

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