iPhone 5 User Guide to Receive Calls

iphone 5 user guideIn this chapter, the iPhone 5 user guide will inform you about how to receive a call and everything about the calls. When you use the phone, calls will always include on the important list of using iPhone or smartphone. Why?

The reason is simple; it is because the call is one of the most important things that people will do to contact their friends. It means that calls service is needed and will always be used. For those who are on a professional job, calls are important to connect each other. So what is the instruction? Below is the explanation.

  • Answer Call
    If you receive a call and willing to answer it, tap the “Answer” menu that appears on the screen. If your phone is locked, you will need another way to hang it. To receive a call when your phone is locked, you need to drag the slider. The iPhone 5 user guide is different if you use a headset. You need to press the center of the headset to receive the call.
  • Silence a Call
    There is also a choice for you if you want to silence your call. What does it mean? By make your call “silence,” you will not hear the call’s ringing, and the caller doesn’t know that you already make it silence. The caller also will not know if their calls have been silenced.
    To make it happen, press the sleep/wake up button. Another iPhone 5 user guide to silence the call is by pressing the volume button.
    As a note, you can answer the call although you already make it silence. If not, voice note probably appears for the caller.
  • Reply a Call With Text
    It is now possible to reply any call with the message. For those who are busy, this step will be the best guide. To do that, just swipe up the black hang icon and then choose the menu “Reply with message.” After that, you will have two choices. They are “Reply” and” “Custom.” If you want to reply, just click the reply menu.

You can even now set the default replies. To manage it, go to your Setting menu, then click menu “Phone” and then you will see the menu “Reply with Messages.” Once you arrived in this menu, you can set the messages that you wish to become your default. You can set such as “Is in office. I will talk to you later” or “Please call back in 5 minutes”. It depends on your need. With that iPhone 5 user guide information about receiving the call, you can now only manage the call that you received.

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