Two Significant Matters in iPhone XR User Manual You Should Know

iPhone XR user guide is very essential for you who have just bought an iPhone XR. Why can it be like that? Yea, the reason is that the iPhone XR user manual PDF will help you to know everything about it. It can be the ways to set up this iPhone XR and also the additional user manual of the iPhone XR. Completely, you will find both matters in this following review.

iphone xr user manual

How to Set Up iPhone XR According to User Manual for iPhone XR

When do you want to find the ways of using the iPhone XR, don’t worry! It will be available for you. So, just follow these ways well!

  • Insert the SIM card

The first step that you have to do in using your iPhone XR is inserting your SIM card. It must be done because this step is very important in order to be able to start using your iPhone XR. In relation to the SIM card, you are suggested to buy a nano SIM. It is because this iPhone XR uses the nano-SIM.

  • Complete the set up of iPhone XR

After inserting the SIM card is done, don’t forget to complete the set up of your iPhone XR. It can be recognized by turning on your iPhone. When you turn on the iPhone, you will find the icon of Setup Wizard. What does it mean, guys? Yea, it means that it is necessary for you to set up your iPhone. The first thing that you can do is swipe across the screen. Also, please select the language that you want to use and the region where you live.

  • Set up the Touch ID

In order to be able to set up the Touch ID on your iPhone XR, you are suggested to scan your own print. After that, just click continue. In addition, when you want to protect the data, you can set the password.

Additional Iphone XR User Manual

Actually, there are three additional matters of the user manual in the iPhone XR. Do you want to know them? Let’s check them out!

  • Navigating around

In fact, there are many buttons that can be used and of course, it has a different function. Thus, you are very suggested to memorize all of them well.

  • Connect to the internet

If you want to connect your iPhone XR to the internet, what can you do? It is very easy to do. Just turn on the Wi-Fi network that is available. However, if you want to use your data, just turn on your cellular data.

  • Set up the email

In relation to that, you can set up the email by going to the setting, tap the email, and select your account. After that, you can sign in to your account by entering your password.

Well, both are the important matters that you can know from iPhone XR user manual. It will be beneficial for you if you understand it well.

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