Top 3 Ways of How to Delete Apps on iPhone 7 Plus

When you use and install iOS 10 on your iPhone, surely, you are able to know and apply the ways of how to delete apps on iPhone 7 Plus. It is better for you to know that the example of apps is like some built-in apps. On the other hand, the technique of 3D touch in iOS 11 or 10 makes the deleting of apps little hard. It is caused by pressing down an icon app easily brings the menu of 3D touch. So, you do not be allowed to access the icon of “X” easily on the home screen in order to delete some apps on the iPhone 7 Plus.

how to delete apps on iphone 7 plus

How to Delete Apps on iPhone 7 Plus

In relation to the ways of how to delete apps on iPhone 7 plus, we provide three ways in order to do that without having difficulties.

  1. Tap “X” icon
    When you choose the app icon of iOS 11 or 10, you are able to use the menu of 3D touch. Thus, if you have a desire to delete some apps by clicking the icon of “X”, just put the finger on that icon with no pressing down.
  2. Remove Apps
    The first step that you should do is choosing the storage managing page. Then, you can click the app for Settings, General, Storage and iCloud Storage, and the last one taps the Manage Storage. By doing this step, surely, you are able to delete some apps in an easy way.
  3. Delete Apps
    In this case, you could delete some apps using Cleaning Tool on iPhone 7. Firstly, you should download and install the app of Phone Clean on the computer. After that, connect your iPhone 7 Plus to the computer and then run the Phone Clean. The next step is selecting the Toolbox and click the App Clean. Finally, you can choose some apps which you do not want your iPhone 7 Plus. Then, just tap the icon of Trash which is on the top right corner. It is used to remove the selected apps.

All of the top three ways of how to delete apps on iPhone 7 plus. We try to offer you some ways to do that in very easy ones. So, just apply it as well as you can!

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