The Truth About TrueTwit Validation

As a software developer, I try not to stigmatize other organizations and products. It takes a lot of effort to develop software or applications, and I can definitely appreciate the process.

All that said, I hate TrueTwit Validation. You know the one. It pollutes your Twitter private message inbox when you follow new individuals or organizations.

We’ve taken on several clients’ social media campaigns in the past, and every once in a while we’ll come across a Twitter account that is utilizing TrueTwit Validation. It’s not uncommon for marketers to feel overwhelmed with managing an organizations social media efforts, and to look for tools to make their life easier and their work more efficient. TrueTwit promises it’s users three things.

Verify people from robots
Avoid Twitter spam
Save time managing your followers

The problem is, TrueTwit doesn’t really do any of those things.

So what does TrueTwit actually do?

TrueTwit Is a Terrible First Impression

Let’s be honest with each other for a second. When you see those TrueTwit messages appear in your inbox, what is your first thought about your new social media friend? Do you have doubts they are a real person?

Seeing those TrueTwit messages in my inbox gives off a used car salesman vibe. It makes the offender look sleazy, lazy, and uninterested.

Another factor to consider is the scam effect. Because there are so many email and social media scams out there today, most people have been convinced that any suspicious link that is sent to them will lead them to a site that will steal their credit card information and first born son. When these same people see your TrueTwit direct message, do you honestly think they’ll feel safe clicking on it?

TrueTwit Alienates Your Audience

The beauty of Twitter is that anyone can find and follow you. It’s not uncommon for someone to see you chatting with one of their connections, and decide to follow you too. These casual followers are initially interested in what you have to say, but that all changes when they get their direct message from TrueTwit.

Because these followers are casual, it’s very unlikely that they will click through your TrueTwit link and fill out the CAPTCHA. They weren’t that interested in you in the first place. They saw you, thought you might be interested, followed you, and now realize that was a mistake.

TrueTwit Doesn’t “Verify People From Robots”

We put men on the moon, we smash particles together at nearly the speed of light, we can talk with someone on the other side of the planet with a device that is smaller than the palm of your hand. I could go on…

Do you really think that a computer or program can’t figure out a CAPTCHA?

TrueTwit Doesn’t Help “Avoid Twitter Spam”

Because Twitter is an open social platform, one-way relationships are possible. If you have a public account (and you do if you are a business), there is nothing stopping a spambot or a bored individual from spamming your Twitter account. You can’t stop it, there is literally nothing you can do – except ignore it.

TrueTwit doesn’t do anything to prevent this. It can’t.

Just because someone fills out your CAPTCHA and their account is “verified” doesn’t mean they aren’t a spam account. There are plenty of real people out there who will spam you. That lonely girl that keeps sending you messages to look at her pictures? She filled out your CAPTCHA, so she must be legit!

TrueTwit Doesn’t “Save Time Managing Your Followers”

With all the negatives that are layed out above, it’s clear that TrueTwit isn’t saving you any time. TrueTwit sets your social media efforts back, and stunts your growth. That is not what we call “saving time.”

The truth about TrueTwit is that it doesn’t do any of those things. If anything, TrueTwit makes you look like spam, disincentives people to follow you, and stunts your social media growth.

TrueTwit has no redeeming qualities, and will do damage to your social media campaigns.

So to recap, don’t use TrueTwit! If and when we come across clients that are currently using it, it’s always #1 on our list of things to change.

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