Mastering the iPad Tips for seniors from 12 Basic Lessons

Have you never change your iPad during your life? Congratulation! Apparently, you are the people who are not changeable. By the way, you need to upgrade your skill and information. Learn to the iPad tips for seniors because you will find a lot of benefits and make you happy.

Here, you are going to master the iPad tips and tricks for senior start from the basic lesson. However, you may get the information in general. Nonetheless, you keep able to catch the point.  Soon, check this out!

ipad tips for seniors

12 Basic lessons of the iPad Tips for Seniors

Directly, here are 12 basic lessons that you should know:

  1. iPad tour: There is a circular button below to start your browsing on the iPad
  2. IPad Training101: iPad guide for new users: This lesson teaches how to navigate and manage applications on the screen.
  3. Download the First Application for iPad: This lesson guides you in downloading the iBooks application which is an Apple store and reader for ebooks.
  4. The first 10 things you must know and do: This lesson is about the first things you have to do with your iPad.
  5. Steps to navigate iPad like Pro: Electronic devices have small tricks for faster application use.
  6. Best use: The best use of the iPad is the presence of portable TV and GPS for cars.
  7. 17 ways to Siri that make you more productive: Siri is a voice recognition tool that makes it easy for you to communicate
  8. The Best Free Application from iPad: iPad provides many free applications where you quite download it.
  9. Great tips for all iPad owners: Download the guidebook and find lots of tips for exploring your iPad.
  10. How iPad regulates your life: it is about how your life becomes more effective after using the iPad.
  11. Securing the iPad: Secure from iTunes bills that are swollen or from children who are not yet time.
  12. How to Reboot the iPad: Everyone has the opportunity to know how to reboot their iPad which freezes or slows down. This method can be the key to solving your problem.

See the 7 Tips to operate your iPad

Next, the following are 7 tips to use your iPad:

  • As a magnifying glass
  • Scan documents with a camera
  • Add emergency contacts
  • Safari browser reader
  • Set the font size
  • Make screenshots and tags
  • Buy books, applications or music for free

That is the iPad tips for Senior where the beginners may need it too. If you have mastered the tips, please, share to the people around you. You will be useful for other people and you can play the iPad together.

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