The Importance of iPhone 6 User Guide You Need to Know

iPhone 6 user guide must be a very useful phone guide that is becoming more and more popular among people especially the iPhone users themselves. Using the iPhone 6 is pretty similar to using the other smartphone, but some are different. Here is the guide for using iPhone 6.

iphone 6 user guide

The Necessity of iPhone 6 User Guide

When you are about to go purchasing the new phone, there will be the phone guide included. When you buy the iPhone 6, you not get the iPhone 6 user guide, but you  can download iPhone 6 user manual here iPhone 6 user manual. Here are guides you might need when you operate your iPhone 6.

  • Restore the Data

If you want to restore the data from the iTunes backup, you need to connect your phone to the computer. You need to, first, choose the iTunes backup and tap the restore icon then. After that, choose the data you want to restore. Then, connect the iPhone 6 to the computer. Wait till it has done.

  • Set Up the Lock Screen

The lock screen is very useful to keep your data including photos and videos, messages, and other data safe. There are many lock screens available, but Touch ID is the well-known one. Touch ID is Apple’s fingerprint recognition. To turn on the Touch ID, you need to open the setting icon, choose Touch Id and passcode. Then type your passcode and add the fingerprint.

  • Turning On the Siri

If you are a lazy type of person, you might use the Siri. Siri is like the Apple’s voice assistant. To turn it on, you just need to tap set up Siri on. Once it has been on, you have to speak the phrases available on the screen so that the phone can learn your voice.

Another iPhone 6 User Guide You Need to Know

There are many other important things you need to know which you can learn all from reading iPhone 6 user guides. Here will be explained more details about it.

  • Downloading Apps

Having such the great phone such as iPhone 6 will be useless if you do not have many applications to use. The phone is not only for sending the text or calling a person but also to play games or update news from the social media. If you want to download apps, you need to open the Apple store on your phone. Do not forget to turn the Wi-Fi on. Search the app you want to download, press the download button. Then, all you need to do is waiting for it.

  • Delete Apps

If you have already felt bored about having such definite apps or you rarely used that app, you may be able to delete it. It is simple to do. You just need to hold down on the apps you want to delete for a couple of seconds. After that, press the cross button on it, then press the home button to leave edit mode.

  • Set Up the e-mail

If you want to use the Apple store, you need to sign in first by using your e-mail. It is not complicated; you just need to add an e-mail account, type your address and passcode. Then, you are ready to use it.

There are still more about iPhone 6 user guide that has not been explained yet. You might search for its details on the internet.