How to Get iPhone 12 User Manual and Using It

Many people who are willing to buy or have already purchased the iPhone 12 are mostly wondering about how to get user manual for this device. The iPhone 12 pro user guide will be useful for those who want to do something, but they didn’t know or want to try something new on the phone.

iphone 12 user manual

As you now that iPhone 12 has just released and undoubtedly many people will need the user manual guide so they can use the phone better. Many people asked about the manual use if it already released or not.  The answer is yes, it was released. There are two release versions. The first one comes from the Apple, and the one another comes from another source.

How to Get iPhone 12 User Manual Free

For those who are asking about how to get the iPhone 12 user guide, you can just visit the Apple’s official website. There, you probably will not find the guide version which exclusive for the iPhone 12.

Find the menu that written for the iOS 14 guidance. iPhone 12 includes the manual for iOS 14. While for the other sources, you can just look it on many websites that specialize collecting the manual used for the iPhone.

How to use the iPhone 12 User Guide

You can start from the thing that you want to do. As an example, you want to do something with the Settings. Make sure you choose the menu that suits you. Then, search the sub-menu that you want.

Finally, follow the setup or the guide that you see there. And, you can finish it with that. Do the same if you want to try other great things with Apple iPhone 12. With the information from the question of how to get Apple iPhone 12 user manual, you can enjoy many new things with the phone.

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