The Truth About TrueTwit Validation

The Truth About TrueTwit Validation

As a software developer, I try not to stigmatize other organizations and products. It takes a lot of effort to develop software or applications, and I can definitely appreciate the process.

All that said, I hate TrueTwit Validation. You know the one. It pollutes your Twitter private message inbox when you follow new individuals or organizations.

Truetwit Validation - Private Messages

We’ve taken on several clients’ social media campaigns in the past, and every once in a while we’ll come across a Twitter account that is utilizing TrueTwit Validation. It’s not uncommon for marketers to feel overwhelmed with managing an organizations social media efforts, and to look for tools to make their life easier and their work more efficient. TrueTwit promises it’s users three things.

Verify people from robots
Avoid Twitter spam
Save time managing your followers

The problem is, TrueTwit doesn’t really do any of those things.

So what does TrueTwit actually do?

TrueTwit Is a Terrible First Impression

Let’s be honest with each other for a second. When you see those TrueTwit messages appear in your inbox, what is your first thought about your new social media friend? Do you have doubts they are a real person?

Seeing those TrueTwit messages in my inbox gives off a used car salesman vibe. It makes the offender look sleazy, lazy, and uninterested.

Another factor to consider is the scam effect. Because there are so many email and social media scams out there today, most people have been convinced that any suspicious link that is sent to them will lead them to a site that will steal their credit card information and first born son. When these same people see your TrueTwit direct message, do you honestly think they’ll feel safe clicking on it?

TrueTwit Alienates Your Audience

The beauty of Twitter is that anyone can find and follow you. It’s not uncommon for someone to see you chatting with one of their connections, and decide to follow you too. These casual followers are initially interested in what you have to say, but that all changes when they get their direct message from TrueTwit.

Because these followers are casual, it’s very unlikely that they will click through your TrueTwit link and fill out the CAPTCHA. They weren’t that interested in you in the first place. They saw you, thought you might be interested, followed you, and now realize that was a mistake.

TrueTwit Doesn’t “Verify People From Robots”

We put men on the moon, we smash particles together at nearly the speed of light, we can talk with someone on the other side of the planet with a device that is smaller than the palm of your hand. I could go on…

Do you really think that a computer or program can’t figure out a CAPTCHA?

TrueTwit Doesn’t Help “Avoid Twitter Spam”

Because Twitter is an open social platform, one-way relationships are possible. If you have a public account (and you do if you are a business), there is nothing stopping a spambot or a bored individual from spamming your Twitter account. You can’t stop it, there is literally nothing you can do – except ignore it.

TrueTwit doesn’t do anything to prevent this. It can’t.

Just because someone fills out your CAPTCHA and their account is “verified” doesn’t mean they aren’t a spam account. There are plenty of real people out there who will spam you. That lonely girl that keeps sending you messages to look at her pictures? She filled out your CAPTCHA, so she must be legit!

TrueTwit Doesn’t “Save Time Managing Your Followers”

With all the negatives that are layed out above, it’s clear that TrueTwit isn’t saving you any time. TrueTwit sets your social media efforts back, and stunts your growth. That is not what we call “saving time.”

The truth about TrueTwit is that it doesn’t do any of those things. If anything, TrueTwit makes you look like spam, disincentives people to follow you, and stunts your social media growth.

TrueTwit has no redeeming qualities, and will do damage to your social media campaigns.

So to recap, don’t use TrueTwit! If and when we come across clients that are currently using it, it’s always #1 on our list of things to change.

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Founder at Inbounderish
Brad is a Minnesota based Web Developer and Inbound Marketer. He writes regularly about a wide variety of web technologies including WordPress, Programming, Marketing, and more.


    1. I couldn’t agree more. I really don’t know what folks are afraid of – it does not validate against fraudulent links so what is the gain. The Twit validation service creates spam itself and reduces the credibility (at least for me) of the folks using it.

  1. Hey Brad

    I’ve come across a few people using TrueTwit and I was surprised when the first direct message came into my inbox.

    I agree it really doesn’t give a great impression and it feels like you’re not someone to be trusted – not a great way to start off a following.

    If it’s someone who’s followed me on Twitter and I considered following back, then I generally don’t complete the Captcha.

    If it’s someone I decided to follow of my own accord then I may take that extra step but I begrudge doing so!

    1. Thanks Ileane! Hopefully this will prompt people to take a second look at TrueTwit if they are using it and think twice about going forward with it!

  2. I was considering using TrueTwit but I thought their website looked a little fishy – so I’m glad I read this article, thanks!

  3. This was a great article. I just received a DM from someone I recently started following on Twitter and literally the first thing I thought was, “I’m not clicking on this link! I don’t know what it is!” Even now that I do know what it is, I’m still not clicking on it! Stupid!!

    1. I’ve debated responding to DMs with TrueTwit messages and just pasting a link to this article. Usually I just ignore them however.

  4. I’m actually surprised that TrueTwit is still in operation. For the last few months, I have only gotten one validation request which is ignored. I think that word has gotten out that it is a scam and the ranks of those duped by the TrueTwit claims have dwindled, for which I am grateful.

  5. Thanks for the article! I’ve just made a commitment to reinvigorate my business Twitter account and added many relevant people and businesses to follow and got a message to validate. I had no idea what TrueTwit was, so started researching it and found your article. Not sure if I’ll bother validating or not.

    1. Hey Vickey,

      It’s certainly up to you, but I’ve found that Twitter users who use TrueTwit validation aren’t worth a follow in the first place. They generally aren’t that active on social media, and send mostly automated tweets. Of course, this is a blanket statement, but it doesn’t apply to everyone who uses TrueTwit, it’s just been my experience.

      Good luck!

  6. Only got into twitter properly recently and just had a truetwit message so googled and came across your article. Wonderful summary, and as you say – I won’t bother clicking through to a captcha.

  7. Well said Brad. I wrote to them in an attempt to find out if their service was as pointless as it appeared. I was answered, rudely and arrogantly, and on the 2nd email was told that only 12 out of 185.000 users were as stupid as me and unable to see the point of it. I pointed out that any internet company with 185k users after 4 years should be disappointed with their own performance, then blocked them.
    Thanks Brad, your efforts here helped for sure. Hang on to my email address if you like, at some point there is a plan to need services such as yours with a new project of mine.
    Best wishes

    1. It’s a shame they were rude to you! Also – for the record, I think it’s far more than “12” of us that think the product is pointless. Just saying. Thanks for commenting, and drop me a line if you need help with your project in the future!


      1. Brad, thank you for this important information. I am new to social media and signed up for this service. I have at least 100 emails in my twitter inbox saying they are waiting for my validation. Can you please point me in the right direction to delete this service?? Any advice is greatly appreciated!! In advance, thank you!!!! -mike

  8. I actually found this article because I was trying to figure out what True Twit really is. My first thought was that only a “twit” would click on that link without doing some research. You make valid points in this article. Thanks for the education.

  9. Given that I found this article when Googling “TrueTwit scam,” I have to agree with this one. It makes you look lazy, uninterested, and scammy. Thanks for the great piece.

  10. Hi Brad,
    Thanks so much for the TrueTwit info’, I’m glad I searched on the net before getting hooked on captcha.
    I’m new to Twitter, just which social media can I trust to chat to an individual if I don’t want to jam the main Twitter flight alert channel for e.g.? I want to know more about a technical problem which caused an emergency landing, need more details, but the Captain just sent me a TrueTwit message. How do I get back to an individual without attracting huge spam and problems. Is there a reliable way to chat, who or what do I use?
    Thanks, Candace

  11. Braaaad! Thanks for this man!
    So damn true! I really am offended when someone sends me this auto-message.
    Who the hell are you that I should validate my existence to you. I simply unfollow. Their loss.
    I think truetwit should not exist. It is forcing people to use the service!!! Well, I choose not to conform.

    Please evaluate all of these services for twitter. I wanna read more from you!


    P.S. i am @my35project on twitter, blog:
    hope you will follow me 2.

  12. Guess what!
    I wrote a comment criticizing Truetwit and the marketing people attacked me

    Here are their delicious comments on my critical opinions:


    TrueTwit โ€@GoTrueTwit 23m23 minutes ago

    Naw it’s just that we don’t care what you think.
    We’re not going to change our business model
    because you don’t like it.


    TrueTwit โ€@GoTrueTwit 48m48 minutes ago

    Why are you bothering us about this?
    What makes you think we care?
    What makes you think anyone cares?


    I hope you will write something about this too ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Had quite a few of these come through recently, and was wondering what TrueTwit was? After reading this post, I now know. Not sure if the name “TrueTwit” better refers to the programme, or the person using it!
    I will definitely continue ignoring!
    Thanks Richard

  14. I was born in Tokyo but grew up just near Lake Wobegon and miss the Twin Cities terribly.

    Great information in here. I am a TruTwit user and now need to figure out how to turn it off. Any tips?

    From a non-savvy Tokyoite (former Minnesotan).

  15. Completely agree. Nice informative & well-articulated write-up, Brad… After soaking up its contents and the comments below, I have revoked access to True Twit in my twitter account… Thanks & warm regards…

    For people who are so desirous but are un-initiated, plz just check the following steps to do the needful:-

    1. Log into
    2. Go here
    3. Find TruTwit and revoke access

  16. I got onto TrueTwit when I first joined Twitter and was adding a few extras such as TweetDeck. I quickly got annoyed with TrueTwit and have since cancelled my account.

    TrueTwit still tells people I use the ‘service’ and still sends them to the site to ‘validate.’ I think the thing is run by twits. Someone make them stop!

  17. Recently got started on twitter and totally got off put by the true twit links. One of the biggest rules of avoiding internet scams is don’t click on links you don’t know from people you don’t know, so why would anyone be foolish enough to click on it?

    For you you know its a fake true twit verification link and it will redirect you to a website that steals your info. Anyone who actively clicks those links is fairly dumb, lol

  18. Wondering what to do re.TrueTwit emails suddenly appearing – did a search on Google & came up with this excellent report – thanks Brad for saving me lots of time & hassle.

  19. Bravo and bravo! I’ve been on Twitter longer than my young adult daughters have been and today I had the distinct pleasure (not) of finding a TrueTwit validation email in my inbox. I had never heard of them so I googled it. First thought though was “really? Are you serious?” Thanks for the post. I agree. I am promptly unfollowing this person who finds it necessary for me to prove I’m not a bot.

  20. Great article. I don’t get why people use it on Twitter. Only a few use it….and I just won’t follow them. With a bio, tweets and inks to Linkedin and other sources, if you need truetwit…you’re a twit. It’s scammy and unprofessional…not to mention insulting as a professional.

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