Share Tally

Share Tally

Share Tally is a social sharing analytics tool developed by our very own Brad Knutson. As marketers, we used various other websites to generate reports for social sharing activity for blog posts and landing pages. These sites (which shall remain unnamed) only reported the sharing data from the big social networks – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, etc.

We recognized a glaring whole in these tools. The large social networks are certainly important, but they don’t account for everything. What about the smaller niche sites that are equally important to a lot of sites?

Share Tally - Large Social Networks

Smaller niche social sharing can be equally important to marketers. Let’s say you’re a heavy blogger, sites like BlogEngage and Blokube could be extremely important for your site. What if you’re a web designer or developer? Site like The Web Blend, Design Float, DZone, and Hacker News could be sources of a large amount of traffic, and something you want to monitor.

Share Tally - Small Social Networks

It’s important to get a broader picture of where your content is being shared on the internet. Share Tally gives you that picture in a simple to understand dashboard.

It’s hard to say what the future has in store for Share Tally, but we can promise that it will continually improve over time. We’re looking to add a compare tool, tracking over time, support for feeds, sitemaps, and entire domains, maybe even an API. Share Tally is a tool to keep an eye on.