Social Media Marketing

It almost seems difficult to imagine a world without social media. It’s hard to imagine that just ten years ago, not only was social media far from being mainstream, but it was also completely overlooked as a marketing channel. Facebook became popular among college students, then Twitter started to catch on with young adults. At some point, someone realized what a golden opportunity for marketing social media presented.

Today, social media provides such a large marketing channel that it’s carved out an industry dedicated to capitalizing on it. There are many different agencies that provide social media marketing services, reputation management, customer service through social media, and much more.

At Inbounderish, we understand the importance and power of social media. Social media is an integral part of our overall marketing plans for your businesses. Whether you’ve been on social media for years, or you’ve never even heard the term before, we’ll help you get to a place where you can connect with your customers in a way you previously didn’t know was possible.

Building an Audience


One of the most common grievances with social media is that it’s incredibly hard to get started from scratch. Unfortunately, this is often true. When you start with no followers and no one to talk to, not only is it difficult to earn new followers, but it’s also difficult to maintain your interest in social media, as opposed to just abandoning it.

We’re no strangers to tough challenges, and no matter how boring your niche might be, we’re confident we can build you a community of active and engaged followers. We’ll help you formulate a content plan that will build a self-sustaining audience that continues to grow over time.

Still think your industry is too boring, or no one on social media is interested in what you have to say? We once built a Twitter following of 3500+ followers for a small handmade jewelry business in less than 6 months. Challenge us, we dare you.


Reputation Management


Another important social media campaign is reputation management. Despite the empirically social nature of social media, it’s often overlooked as a viable option for managing reputations online. We’ll work with you to develop a professional voice online that will represent your brand in exactly the way you want it.

Social media is often used by larger businesses as a customer service and support channel, and we at Inbounderish are big advocates of this. If you choose this path, it’s important that you’re able to manage your voice through your support personnel, and also manage your customers emotions. Customer service plays a big role, but leveraging social media is how we get it done.

Social Reputation Management

Engagement and Authority


Having an audience is important, but what good is an audience if they aren’t interested in what you have to say? We’ll help you find individuals who will be interested in your brand and willing to engage with you. This is “social” media after all.

Ultimately, our social media marketing goal is that you become an influencer in your industry. We’ll help you become an authority in your niche, and a source of information for interested individuals and potential customers.

Social Authority

Our Approach


We’re always looking for new, interesting, and sustainable ways to improve your marketing efforts. Social media has gone from teenage obsession, to vital piece of every marketing campaign in less than ten years. Imagine what the next decade has in store for social media!

Ultimately, you know the personality of your business better than anyone. We won’t force you to take on a new voice that you aren’t comfortable with, and we’ll work with you to formulate a social content plan that works for your business and your industry.

Our Process