Leveraging analytics is a vital part of any marketing campaign. We’re statistical nerds, and love diving into Google Analytics reports to see traffic and conversion rates over time. Everyone likes a nice line chart, right?

Heard of bounce rates, custom segments, filters, goal conversion rates, behavior flow, or exit pages? These terms are music to a Google Analytics experts ears. We’ll poor over reports so you don’t have to, and produce easily understandable dashboards so you can track your progress your own way.

Marketing Channels


Not all marketing channels are equal, and thus we analyze them differently also. Each marketing channel will drive a specific segment of users to our site. They might have different intentions depending on the channel in which they used to access your site.

For paid search traffic, we’re most concerned with conversion rates and revenue earned. We’re investing in a PPC campaign, so we definitely want to see some return on investment. We’ll use bounce rates and conversion rates to improve our PPC campaign, and maximize the paid search channel.

For social media traffic, we’re most likely dealing with new users or readers. They were recommended our content by someone they interact with on social media, and though we were worth a shot. For social media traffic, we’ll pay close attention to our bounce rates, and track what social networks are sending the most traffic. We can then cater our content for a more social crowd, and grab their attention in the hopes of earning new readers.

Marketing Channels

Tracking Goals and Conversions


Tracking goals and conversion rates is a big part of any marketing campaign. We leverage Google Analytics and your website to track conversions, then make recommendations to improve them. We’ll help you set up goals in Google Analytics so tracking goals is available to you.

Tracking Conversions

Split A/B Testing


In order to increase conversions, we’ll work with you to set up some split A/B tests. Split testing is a great way to find out how your audience is responding to your content, and what small nuances trigger action more than others. Small changes like changing the color of a button can produce huge increases in your conversion rate. You’ll never know what works best unless you test it!

Our philosophy at Inbounderish is that there is no such thing as too much testing. If you’re not running a test right now, you’re wasting precious time, and potentially losing money.

Split Testing

Our Approach


We’re always looking for new, interesting, and sustainable ways to improve your website. We’ll analyze your website by harnessing the power of Google Analytics to track marketing channels, engagement, bounce rates, conversions and goals, and revenue. We’ll work with you to perform split tests to improve your conversion rates, and increase your ROI.

Ultimately, you are the stake holder in your website. We want you to be comfortable with the direction we’re taking, and give us your input. It’s not uncommon for our clients to know more about their industry than we do, and we don’t pretend to be market experts (unless we are!). We welcome your feedback and direction. Our end game is to make sure that you hit your goals and increase revenue.

Our Process