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Inbounderish is the brainchild of Brad Knutson. Brad grew up in the shadow of St. Paul, and has lived in the Twin Cities his entire life. He bleeds Wild and Twins, and is an admitted bandwagon Viking and Timberwolves fan (but we won’t hold that against him). He has a passion for marketing and web development.

Brad’s obsession for the web started when he was in college. He ran a successful fantasy baseball blog, but like any good marketer, decided that he needed more. Brad focused on increasing traffic to his site to gain exposure for his articles. He had nothing to gain from it (he did not monetize his blog), and was just looking for ways to get more eyes on his writing. After trying different methods, he decided that it was time to learn about Search Engine Optimization.

SEO has changed leaps and bounds since Brad first became acquainted with it, but so has Brad. He’s older (and we think wiser!), and he’s now a successful web developer and inbound marketer. Brad eats, sleeps, and breaths websites. Whether your project is in the research and strategy phase, or you’re looking to increase conversions on an existing site – Brad is your man.

So what on earth does “Inbounderish” mean?

The short story is that Inbounderish is a made up word. The truth is that we wanted a domain that included the word “inbound” and as far as dot com domains go, there was slim pickens. We settled on Inbounderish, after stumbling across it and looking up the definition of “bounderish.”

bounderish – (of persons) lacking in refinement or grace.

So, by extension, Inbounderish would mean:

inbounderish – inbound marketers lacking in refinement or grace.

That sounds a bit harsh, don’t you think?

We didn’t chose our company name as Inbounderish in spite of the definition of bounderish, we chose it because of the definition. Marketers are, by nature, a little bit crazy. Have you met a link building expert before? Weird…is one word that comes to mind. What about a social media marketer? Anyone who spends more time chatting on social media than face to face with real human beings has to be a little off. We’re geeks, we’re not refined high-class members of society. We know it, and we’re ok with it. We’re passionate about marketing websites and trying new things. If that makes us a little crazy…so be it!

What we may lack in refinement and grace, we make up for in results. Let us show you.

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